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Thanks very much to all people who help us and send some gift after the tragic events caused by the tsunami disaster.

The Father Ceyrac Association, to respect the Father Ceyrac request, has promised to bring an important financial help to the tsunami survivors in the region of the Tamil Nadu. Father Ceyrac, as he has always been involved in the assistance of poor people from India, is today very much requested locally to help people affected by the disaster.

The compagnies gifts are welcomed. Many important gifts have been already made.

Some remarks:
We have no phone center to answer to your question. In case of emergency, please contact us by email. As we received hundreds of email, please check before that there is no answer to your question on the website.

To contact us :

Please note that the Father Ceyrac association aim is to collect financial donations in order to help the projects supported by Father Ceyrac. We are not organizing humanitarian missions sending material to India. We are not organized for this.


"1 Euro a day supports one kid".
Many thanks in advance for your help!

You can send your donations by post to:

"l'Association Père Ceyrac"
66 rue de l'Assomption

At reception of your donation, a fiscal voucher will be sent to you.
Important : only the Association Père Ceyrac is entitled to receive the donations for the benefit of Father Ceyrac's actions.

Where does the money go?

All the Father Ceyrac assocation's members are voluntary and the administrative costs are very small.

Thousands of donors support Father Ceyrac projects.
We thank them for their help.

The association objective:

The Father Ceyrac assiociation's aim is to collect financial donations in order to help the projects supported by Father Ceyrac. The association collect the gifts, send them to India and check the money travel.

Follow-up of financial transfer :

The Indian Government has set up a label for the follow-up of money coming from foreign countries. The Father Ceyrac projects have a local FCR number (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) that guarantees a well financial control (some audits are made). With this number, the projects can receive a foreign financial help from the Father Ceyrac Association, located in France.

To know more about the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) :
- one summary
- to get more details

Projects follow-up:

Every giver receive some news about the projects by email and by the conferences hold by Father Ceyrac in France.


All the projects presented on this site are managed on the spot by Indians, what Father Ceyrac particularly appreciates:
"Such men are transforming India!" he often says.

However, at the local project leaders' request, we have identified for each project a few missions necessiting specific skills.
If you are qualified, do not hesitate to contact us:

Otherwise, if you would like to go to India to become part of local development projects,
you can directly contact the Friends of Sister Emmanuelle.

After sending an application, you will be able to join a benevolent project (3 weeks to 1 month)
or a volunteer project (1 year or more).

You can contact them at the following address:

Les Amis de Soeur Emmanuelle - ASMAE-
26 Bld de Strasbourg
75010 Paris FRANCE
Tel - 01 44 52 11 90
Fax - 01 44 52 92 93
To contact the ASMAE association

The team :

With us at inception :
Laurent PICHARD : visual effects
Ludivine MAS, Ronan MOUNES, Marion PELLETIER : developpers
Pauline de LANGLADE
: articles and texts

Maud PICHARD -Member of Father Ceyrac Association : articles and texts
Thibaut PICHARD : Webmaster



You can download a document (in french) presenting different projects of Father Ceyrac. You will also find on this document Father Ceyrac's contact information.

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