Other links introducing Father Ceyrac and his projects
The Indianhope website presenting the DACA project ( Doctor Ambedkar Cultural Academy)
Site presenting the projects of Jesuits worldwide.
A short presentation of Father Ceyrac by Pascale Robin on Fraternet. (in french)
An interview by Claudine Vernier-Palliez of Father Ceyrac talking about India (in french)
The association "Inde Espoir" (India Hope) led by students and suporting several humanitarians
projects in India including Father Ceyrac'projects.
Travel to India :
Indian tourist information
Lonely Planet page on India.

Quid page (in french)
Encyclopedia Britannica article
Discovery of India by travellers: Uniterre website
Guide in French about India: how to get there, food, transportation, accomodation, currency,
Bombay, Goa,...
Indian embassy in France
Other sites about India :
India in 1001 pictures.
Hope around the world


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