You are invited to discover the mystery of " Mother India " and the beautiful dreams fulfilled by Father Ceyrac and by the ones, after him, who committed themselves into development and consciousness projects for country people. These men and women dedicated their life beside Father Ceyrac; all of them are Indian and went through a personal story above the average. According to each one own way, they support collective work; they fight against the injustice of cast system; they give means to women to be autonomous and responsible for their family and for their village; they do their best to allow poor children to go to school and to improve their education; they give back some dignity to deserted old people.

Every year, many young french people subsidize and realize development projects (new wells, buildings, …) keeping up a deep link between India and france. You can read more about it in the Accounts section. Beyond the regular and efficient help given by the summer camps, more accurate and important needs have been identified by the ones in charge of the different projects (see Needs section). The site aims at supporting the ones whose competencies match exactly with such needs and who are ready to give some time to these volunteer projects.

If you are interested, you can contact us through this website.


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