When I met Father Ceyrac (extract from my diary).

It is now time to talk about an outstanding figure of our trip. He is one of the greatest, even though it is not relevant here to mention competition. It is for Father Ceyrac that I want your heart and soul to be thrilled together. Father Pierre Ceyrac, in India for 50 years, is a man with a deep look, a generous smile.
He is a just, a Wise man, king of humility, even if by nature humility cannot have a king. He repeats us he has not done anything, that the others are taking care of, managing, accomodate, providing clothes, feeding, teaching thousands of children he is the wonderful father of. He is here, next to us, common young ladies. He takes the time to us about this country and its thousand paradoxes in a realistic and precise way; women he respects, loves, who work as early as 5am,
look for water, wash, cook for the family, work on the site. "They will save India". Alone. They who do not know what love, pleasure, leasure, feeling, friendship or tenderness are: they are here, very strong.
He speaks of inequality, of injustice, of unbearable, of impossible future, of a worldwide revolution of the poor against the rich. One has to share, it is simple and essential. Things cannot remain this way. Father Ceyrac gave his word. He asked a 19 year old Indian girl to be in charge of the accountancy. She travels every day 3 hours to get to Madras, happy and responsible. Moisture of the eyes, of hers, of ours. He brings us like "ambassadors" at the inauguration of a project: young French catholic girls in India for one year to build a house, welcoming Indians in need. Anonymously, he consecrated the house, admires it, celebrates a simple mass.
Sincere. Striking emotion. He is above any religious "gossip", above any observance. His sermon is his improvised word (so just!). In his book "Pelerins des frontieres", he joined together Catholism and Hinduism. We are so small. He is such a great man. His life which is not over is great, powerful, a beautiful story. Sister Andrea of Pondichery will tell us later she has seen him for the first time in Madras pushing a carriage full of bananas to help spontanously. He has overcome many barriers, built a strong foundation thanks to everything he receives, he is whispering to us. An energy,a faith in man, life, mystery, that I respect, envy, hope. We met him more than a year ago in Madras but his spirit has followed us since then.

Fleur Martin Laprade and Marie Simonnot (who were in India between July and January 2000).



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