"If you love each other, all will recognize you are my disciples" (John 13 35)

Father Ceyrac is the very incarnation of this sentence of the Christ. He is love and gift. He has devoted hisself so much, entirely, to this people of Tamil-Nadu...

What he has accomplished is prodigious: Ambukarangal, Manamadurai, SEED, DACA, all these places are here to cure starvation, handicap, abandon, exclusion, segregation,... And in all these places, though simple, a great joy... An intense joy on all these faces of children, of sick people, of women, dalits, parias... Because one day somebody told them: "I love you", "You are important to me!"

It is the revolution Father Ceyrac has led, the one that has made him known in India and that made each of his centers a small paradise on earth, a place of real happiness ...The importance given to each of them ... It is absolutely bewildering!

In love with India and Indians, Father Ceyrac gives them back their beauty, dispised so often, the beauty of their humanity. Because to him, every man is the image of God and that is why they all have infinite dignity and beauty. "All that is not given is lost" he has often repeated like an invitation to follow him in this absolute miracle-making love. I will never forget him ...

Jean-Yves Robin has worked 2 years in Madras in Father Ceyrac's community (1999-2001).


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