Tsunami Events of 2003 and 2004


Tsunami disaster in Tamil Nadu

The projects of Father Ceyrac in India have not been affected directly by the tsunami disaster.

However, the Father Ceyrac Association has promised to bring an important financial help to the tsunami survivors in the region of the Tamil Nadu. Father Ceyrac, as he has always been involved in the assistance of poor people from India, is today very much requested locally to help people affected by the disaster.

For any information about your gifts, see section Contacts


End of year 2004: news,

On 9th november, the two following books will be published:

* "Mes racines sont dans le ciel" - Père CEYRAC - Presses de la Renaissance
* "Une vie pour les autres" - Jérome Cordelier - Editions Perrin (bibliographie)

Meeting and signing about these two books on 9th november at 7pm at the Sèvres Center's auditorium
/ Adresse 35 rue de Sèvres 6° PARIS.

On 8th november 2004, the price "Grand Siècle Laurent Perrier" will be awarded to Father Ceyrac.

About this price:

The price "Grand Siècle" was created in 1965. It grants women and men who enhance ethic values . The last price was awarded to Sister Emmanuelle.


Events from year 2003:

Universal Academy of Cultures : International Forum Sharing

The 7th International Forum was held at the UNESCO Headquarters, in Paris, on November 25th and 26th on the theme "Sharing".

The Universal Academy of Cultures awards an annual prize for the work done by a person or an organisation having contributed to the defense of humanity's utmost intellectual and moral values through commitments and various actions.

The forum took place under the High Patronage of Jacques Chirac President of the French Republic

Scientific committee:
Elie Wiesel, Roger-Pol Droit, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Michelle Perrot, Jorge Semprun Françoise Barret-Ducrocq, Jean-Paul Constantin

This year the Prize of Universal Academy of Cultures was awarded to Father Pierre Ceyrac:

Read the speech made by Jacques Chirac President of the French Republic on the occasion of the prize delivery.


Speech of Father Ceyrac :

Find again the speech of Father Ceyrac made at the time of one International Forum's session..


To know more about it :

If you want to know about more about this event, check out following links. You will find some press review about the price delivery:

Website of the Universal Academy of Cultures
Father Ceyrac's portrait from french newspaper Le Figaro (in french)
Article of Hindustan Times






News from India :

News from Tamil Nadu, sent by Thanappan the 25/09/2002, person responsible for the project "Stand up and walk" in  Manamadurai.

"Here in Manamadurai we are fine and our work is progressing well.

This summer, we had three groups in the Polio Center.
One big group from Ginette did a wonderful work for the people of Moongil oornai village ( which is close to our farm ). They constructed five good houses for five families. The work has been completed. Then we waited for fr.Ceyrac's arrival for the blessing of the houses. An other group from Toulon had worked hard to construct one building for the girls to stay. The work is still going on and will be completed before X'MAS. A third group from Brive came. We had not provided any particular project for them but they worked with both of the teams and visited some other projects of Fr.Ceyrac.

As regarding the Polio center we have 29 children in the center, and 26 children close to our farm are taken care off. Under the waiting list for surgery we have 172 children, and last year we operated 11 children. All the 11 children are walking well. From 1996 till to now we have operated 37 children and out of that one was failure. 29 are walking without calipers and 7 children are walking with calipers.

The government of Tamil Nadu have recognized and approved to start our own high school for our children. We are also discussing together to construct a new building for the CEYRAC HIGH SCHOOL FOR THE HANDICAPPED.

As regarding the rural development, we are working in 120 villages with the population of half a million people. Co-operative schemes are progressing well and we are training the people themselves to manage as their own with a little assistance of our animators. Now we are very much concentrating on Woman organization, Micro credit, and Self help groups. The banks are very much helpful to our schemes."


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